Sunday, December 28, 2008

xmas in alicia's place!!!

fish picked me up from my place arnd 11.30 on friday... n when she saw me wearing formal.. then she remembered that we were having this 'formal' thing..n she forgot to wear formal wear la.... ah wells~ she was busy online when at alicia place.. n i got alicia to teach me the basic things of make up because i dont have much knowledge about them! if alicia didnt get me that make up set..i guess i wont bother learning..XD thanx agn alicia~ then she showered n changed into her (according to shir) 'slutty' santa costume~ XD

while waiting for the girls to come(specifically ..shir!)...we took more pics ourselves since we had interesting outfits and plenty of time~ then only to know she was coming alil later, following lysa... gaaah~

yesh pretty ssantaaa~ u are gorgeous~ XD after all those taking pics..(which we were still not bored with) we continued our unfinished movie, saw V. the ending?? gaaaaah the killer should die already at the end...!!!! sucky laaaa... got us hanging! but the movie was good...! interesting! thought finally the culprit could be caught once n for all! but but... with those twists n turns... ksian la... i guess i like the movie cuz on how it slowly 'climax' and stuffs~

after the movie... we off to play mahjong.... lama no play!! n its alright!!! fish won the most... then alicia... n i didnt win any rounds...hahaha but i like playing...=D i didn win cuz... i couldnt remember how to play on some i had to ask..n thus they know some of my tiles.. n prevented me from winning!! =p

after playing few rounds of mahjong.. we stopped because they wanted to rest...n only me semangat wana play~ XD then we waited at the veranda for the pretty ladies to come by~~ wait til alil take pics agn... hehee the pic with 3 of us... we looked retarded! XD

finally they came!!! lysa n shir!!! shir brought some of her home made cupcakes with cream cheese toppings!!! =D i have never eaten cupcakes with those toppings.. and i liked it...~ maybe cuz its shir who baked them =) thanx shir...~ my xmas pressies for them? one can of tiger beer for each~ please forgive my simple gift...but i couldnt do a proper shopping n also of my 'budget'~ n thanx for the photo frame n the mirror compact thingie from lys, the huge ring from alicia, the strawberry cake made from towel from fish n face shop nail polish from shir~~ n seriously...shir!! do i remind u of pink??? got me all 3 pink nail polishes(different shades)~~ =p

fish distributing beers for us~ but with those yummy liquors that shir brought... haha we rejected them...~ i brought mint choc bailey~ shir brought malibu n this liquor which was quite strong... so i sticked to malibu mixed with pepsi and the bailey =D

pairing pics~~ =)

we ordered two pizzas over! anrd 40 bucks...~ate til leaving one last slice which i brought it home.. we were hungry that time its better to eat then we drink... otherwise..mabuk easily...

after eating.. they chatted abt bags, makeups n stuffs... n i just listen..(interesting to listen to) but im not really into those.. or lets just say i cant afford those stuffs....thus not interested =p then they played a drinking game... which they revealed some ickie facts among us~ XD

then fish taught us 'menilik nasib' using cards... quite interesting! n shir was reallll excited! =) hmm speaking of this.. i haven try this at home! XD see when la rajin~

then a grp pic of us before we left alicia's place~ its been a very looong time we didnt have a gathering like this specially with shir! =) then fish sent me back n lysa n shir back to their place...

back home... parents still at hash.. n i took my time resting and showered late n just online~ hmm i think im getting sick

*just stay as yourself..don't ever lose youself, LcK. it is okay to be different~*

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