Friday, December 26, 2008

xmas dude...xmass

sis got us xmas pressies! hehehe ah wells... just now had a xmas gathering at someone's place... ate n chat n watched iron chef on tv n other stuffs...n ate loootsa peanuts! hahaha not bad la.. at least not spending time at home sja... =P

got back n vained with my lil cow cow~~ hahahhaa xmas mood wa~~ =D

acha achaaa!hahaha cow cow cant see~~~ n still smiling~ XD

awww... aint it adorable? hahaha this time i fixed its ears to be outside the hat...hehehe *i miss certain someone real bad XD*

then got the whole animal family i have n put them together wearing xmas hats~~ =D

hhehehehe cow n doggie's hat fits well... the duckie not bad... but poor rudolfo.... the hat's too big for him!!! =) hmmm happy boxing day~

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