Tuesday, December 30, 2008

open house in lysa's place~

me bangang face~XD actually i baru abis makan ba.. n had to 'clean' my mouth alil..hahaha! owh... i woke up arnd 11 i guess.. then stayed at home n do stuffs... n reached lysa's place by 12.45... i was there n the other girls werent there yet.. thank goodness jasmin n her siblings n arthur n edwin they all were there...n gooosh the kids have grown!!! now im sounding like on of the uncle aunties exclaiming how tall they have grown n the changes they have in their voice! XD then i went to the kitchen to get some food(catering from procter and some malay restaurant-lys wats the name agn?) n met suan loong...apparently he remembers me~ hahaa i really thought he wouldnt remember me~ we greeted n i went for the food.. the house totally packed! i met quite a number of familiar faces n i dont think they remember me...why i thought so? they were teachers and principal of a certain school~=/ n the teachers there were never my teachers..as in they never teach me back in F6 la... soo.... i walked passed them swiftly..they didnt notice also because they were busy chatting away~ =p

waaa hostess~~~me see u~~ using face shop nail polish~ XD hehe thanx for checking on us once in awhile though ur busy~ n so good serving the boys shandy n beer~ =)

eyeeeer...soooo cute, adorable, all smiles, etc etc miss sunshine!! =D

jasmin~ trying to shoot.. gah...who agn? i forgot who was holding my camera... one of the twins? the youngest bro? @_@ errrr..ah wells..not long after they left~ =/ then i was aloooone~

owh whoo dat hand?? who dat to my rescue of loneliness?

its saraaaaaaaaaah~ hehee uve grown...n ur soo pretty~~ tergoda ku~ XD ooops... im not being a paedophile~ hehehee... ah wells... went into the house n look arnd... n sat in the living room...watching tv.. then asked lysa to transfer files... n there! something to do! transfer pictures... then filling lysa's survey thingie for her project about domestic waste.... wasehh really fill my time... then i raised my head n i saw.... FAM in disbelief!!!! fam nyuk laaaaaaaaaaan~~~ hahaha lama no see herrrrr... so surprised! then i ignored the girl behind her.. then when sat properly n i realised... fam nyuk waaaaaan~ wasehhhh her new hairstyle waaa... made me didn recognise her at all~ hehee lawa laa

then the two girls came!! n chatted with fam they all... haha they were shocked too lookin at both the sisters~ =)

then the hostess came by agn with the 'angelic' look~ XD

after eating n with more ppl coming into the kitchen..we moved back out to the living room n saw gloria thereeeee~ wheeeee~~ n we chatted agn n took pics...

there! me n gloria~ the last time i saw her... was in march! when in ubd the jap language & culture wk..where she was sitting at the green tea booth~ =D

gaaaaah wats her name agn??? forgot to ask for her name.. so we all just called her 'girl'! hehe i was taking pics.. then she came by n started posing in front of me...then she attracted my attention to her...n i took more pics... n since she loves to take pics so much...

we asked her to take pics with us!! we called..'girl girl~ come...take pic with che che, ok? come come girl girl~' wasehh she sooo darn friendly with everyone~ guess she loves taking pics~ hmmm..future model? =D

then... we realised... she looked like a particular someone.... THEEEERE!!! look like alicia nooo?? their baju got similar colour lagi~~ seeee?? hehee so they can pass to be siblings or mother n daughter ah?? i prefer the second idea...XD

we had so much time there...n since the hostess didn halau us.. so we just use our time...to camwhore abit~ hehehe fish~ i think u look just nice~ but like u said...everyone has different preferences...so yea... if u dislike it...u could try to do something abt it la.. but for me... advantage of ur highlight not too bright...so that ur safe to go into the government offices n stuffs la.. plus ur gona be working lady soon~ duno where u be working plang... ah wels... best of luck!

us agn~

aheeeeeeem! 'S' is here~ (hehe yea.. im not suppose to post ur pic.. n here..i did it agn =) i love u too much to not to post it waaa =D) then she had josh to come over...(finally) hahha he was shy with us ba.. he not used to be arnd us i guess...

'S' had to go sooo soon that we took pics together before she left.. naaah the official picture of the day that u approved XD (gah... noo~ dont hit meeee~~ =p)

then then... azwina n arina heeeere with their friend, zuriah~ n lysa's cuzzie liley was there~ gaaah lama no see theeeem.. we asked the usual questions such as... 'u married/engaged/got anak owedi kaaa?', 'where u work/ studies?' n stuffs la.. dig info.. keep in touch~ hahaa somehow this open house sorta became a mini gathering among sas classmates~

then annabella arrived!!! just woke up from her sleep n there she iss~ n terus join us for the photoshoot...haha n she was bangang la.. but still joined us n managed to pose~ =D after tat we went back to chatting n the aunties came n changed the channel showing the makings of histeria... it was sooo gory... blood spilling everywhereeee as in the head, inside the car, the jungle n stuffs, plu shte uniform... mcam sas uniform! but with school logo imprinted tho~ =p

then time for awin, arin n zuriah to balik~

seeing them abt to leave... we also left together with them since it was late already, around evening~ the open house was good la.. n sorry lysa for orderin u arnd for drinks..XD didnt mean to~ =) enjoyed this outing! once agn... merry xmas to all!!! and new year is coming reaaaaaal soon..like... 2mrw's new year's eveeeeee!!! wheeeee cant wait for 2009!!! =D

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