Wednesday, December 31, 2008

day out to relax~

on monday, a holiday.. n i drove out just before noon to marilyn to meet up with azlina they all but when i reached there i saw eileen... we talked n settled at a table in marilyn n while waiting for the rest, we talked mostly abt the sks annual dinner that time in empire.. it was grand~(saw from the pics..i didnt go) n all those stuffs then azlina, sc n pratz arrived...

my hot vanilla was too sweet n it wasnt hot =( but got satisfaction from eating..XD prats offered her french fries n sandwiches among us n azlina didnt like her potato salad... so me n sc helped her out... syg some of the girls couldnt join us for the outing..

we then went to the boutique above iora... pratz got to buy a white pants from there..n we met ms chia n ms wann ching there too, browsing through dresses i guess.. we just said hi and they left since they couldnt find anything they wanted...

azlina sitting down while we waited for pratz to change into a dress~ she promised me in bandar to try on a dress n show~ but she didn find any dress suitable.. n finally... she got to wear a dress~

there!! hahhaa actually not bad because she is thin.. n the dress really follow her shape la... n after i took this pic... the girl forbidded me from taking pics.. hehe sorry.. i forgot that i cant take pics... =/ n we left for mom's bakery as azlina had to get something there then we left to taman jubillee~

hahaha the sexy feet~ eileen with her white heels n azlina with her black long pants n pratz with her lipat antam-ly jeans n sc with her flip flops~ we didnt went to the sandy areas since it was showering n eileen was wearing heels n me wearing sandals that are not meant to go to the ssandy area~

hahhaa a lonely pic of my feet stepping on grass!

so we went to the playground n lepak for awhile... wanted to lepak there til jas arrived... but since it was showerin.. we asked her to meet at ogdc

before that.. we just hang alil while at the playground

hahha they the only ones rajin to walk over there while me n eileen stayed over at my side sja~

azlina walking over....then sc..(sorry dun have ur pic)

n pratz with her er... okai... i duno wat expression XD excited ah?

then that we went to ogdc.. orded a hot choc with ice cream n goodness it was sooooooooo sweet!! tat i ended up taking a spoon n dip n lick n dip n lick -_- ah wells cant complain since pratz lanja..haha n we kept eating cheese meat balls~ n owh realised... the portion of the spaghetti now lesser!hmm ideal food in seria not too good owedi @_@ then we got company... andrew n justin came in pursuit of...*ahem* hahhaa ah wells.. we didn care abt them so we went jln jln with sc, pratz n jas....sorta ksian azlina ...we abandoned her~ =p

played swings n gosh i didn know got new basketball court!!! sooo sakaaaai~ n its nice la the colour.. can do photoshoot here... but didnt...because it was sooooo darn hooot! we were sweating n stuffs~

managed to take this pic sja... then we went back to ideal... whooa... sweaty ahh... after chatting and a few awkward moments...(we not close to the guys wa....n stu la... we talked abt 'teeth'~ someone's teeth was yellow la..kinda not nice to see..then pratz i think.. hinting abt the teeth XD jahat we all =p) we all balik n boy.... my sleep that night was soo good til i didn wana wake up =p

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