Wednesday, September 19, 2012

just a thought on RE

Finally able to watch RE yesterday! It was just okay~ The first part of the movie grabbed my attention, after that it was that loh~ but still Alice is the star hands down, Luther is my hottie (lol), Jill is a lil bit painful to watch, Ada is more like cosplaying than acting, Leon is not hot for my liking, Rain is kickass!(im so happy to see her just cuz she is a tough ass chick), and that jap girl is played by Mika Nakashima and boy, she is tough for a zombie! lol!

The slow motion fighting scenes, though pretty, detailed and such, I got a lil bored and some part I thought of 'Transformers' (the sound effects and such), some part I thought of 'Alien', some part gave that 'Expendables' look to it, some part reminded me of the manga 'Hellsing', what else lol

The soundtrack was.. so-so for me, like where is that iconic theme gone to? or maybe I've missed out during the movie and some of them were sorta 'cheesy' during fighting scenes and such

Rating was hmmm 6/10? Don't get me wrong, I will still watch but just that it's better to lower your expectations =p

I have not updated much recently, must push myself to be more productive somehow =p


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