Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lulu & Arthur 23.09.2012

Last Sunday (23.09.2012), I had the opportunity to be invited as a second shooter for Devin Kho Photography for a simple tea ceremony (Chinese Wedding culture). It is my second time to shoot along with Devin and Jayden and I don't feel awkward around them at all (not sure how they feel about me though lol) which is a good thing! =p

Anyways, I met them up at Jee Juan in KB and had breakfast, rushed to bride's house and took photos, then over to groom's house and took photos and finally photoshoot of the couple at the beach. Overall, I had fun! So much fun! But in terms of shooting, I was satisfied with only a few. I really need to work on angles, angles, angles! I need to be more confident to approach them for a pose I want from them. Must be able to shoot them at a less awkward angle and try to not miss that moment when they are genuinely happy. To me, the best emotion is when they are genuinely making each other smile or laugh. It is just so.. endearing =)

According to Jayden, I was doing the 'spidey style' when I took this photo. Other than a little bent with the 'L' alphabet, this is perfect for me. I should try to be more persistent to arrange the props properly (like really really arrange it properly) before I shoot and get over with and regret later =/

The couple, Lulu and Arthur are simply so cute together!

I am like experimenting with templates and see how well they work together. I quite like this though but I guess I like the top one even better. Which of these two you prefer?=)

Last but not least, a picture of Lulu =) I only cropped a little and did colour editing =) This was one of the moments I gathered my courage and approached her and asked her to pose for me. I love this photo so much; her effortless smile, her hair, her back, the balloons, the weather~ =D


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