Saturday, September 22, 2012

Zanie & iMas Engagement Day

FINALLY I brought the memory card with me and able to transfer all the pictures taken on that day to my laptop and can do like a proper update (I think). Well, on 16.09.2012, it was a special day for these two individuals, Zanie and iMas! It was their engagement day and my friends and I were invited (I felt privileged since I'm not from St.Margaret's =p) to witness the ceremony, which their relatives were very overwhelming that we were not able to actually witness the ceremony =p Nevertheless, it was good to see her again and thinner than ever and looking so gorgeous~ 

We first went to see her in her room and took pictures together, then wait for the relatives and all those hantaran's' to arrive. After they arrives, the ceremony starts and I have no idea what they were doing in the house because we were outside and there were not much space in the house anymore for us to stand so yeah, we entertained ourselves outside. After the ceremony, we then had refreshments provided and took group pictures with both Zanie and iMas and left shortly after.

Short day but a joyful one and thankful it was not raining that day XD


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