Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Quick post on MACGcon

Last weekend, I went to a con hosted for the first time in Miri (MACGcon)! It lasted for two days, 08/09-09/09 (Saturday and Sunday). Went with friends (scary, cherry, nio, sj, jes and I - six of us in total) and two of them participated in the con's cosplay competition. Too bad, Nio was not able to join the competition but she cosplayed anyways, SJ won a consolation prize for her cosplay, Cherry cosplayed to accompany Nio, Scary and Jes work together to take photos of cosplayers and direct them respectively whereas I am just there because I want to experience what a con feels like (lurk around, take pics, look at exhibitions etc etc), help carry bags and company the cosplayers. I shall blog about it further once I look through the other pics I took.

For more details you guys can go to SJ's blog and read all about it.

Here are some of the pics of the cosplayers who attended the con. For more pics, please go here.

Plus a little bonus, a gif. of SJ as Euphemia on the kill XD


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