Thursday, November 22, 2012

First full body outfit post~

Heya! I was like super excited yesterday! Because... this lovely faux leather jacket just arrived yesterday at the post office! I won this from Fashion Cabaret when they were hosting this giveaway. I shared multiples times on my wall, instagram it and even wrote a blog post of it (If you have not read it, it's here)! Had my mom to help collect the jacket ( since I am at work) and I couldn't wait to try it on! The size is just right (except the's a lil tight since i have erm..'muscular/fattie' arms)

Just posted a pic of it on instagram this morning~
 After work without wasting time, I just put on circle lens, makeup, prepare outfit and camera, went outside to post against the cream wall. It's my first time doing a sorta photoshoot outside by myself. There were people looking, I got shy after that but tried to compose myself lol

I got this dress from Full House II in Miri!! By the way, the shop is in Bintang Megamall, Miri at the second floor (2.09-2.10) at the old wing. It was love at first sight~ I also set my eyes on another dress (dark pink with interesting print (repetitive cameo like) and interesting back design) but then I could only get one, so this is the winner! and actually this is the first time I wore it for the longest time, just could not find the time to actually wear this dress XD

*Oh just ignore my muscular/fattie arms and legs~ I must try to take pictures without me looking larger than I already am. Maybe next time I will take it from a higher perspective lol*

Once I put on the jacket and a hat, look how it totally transform the outfit from a soft look to a tough edgy look!  

 It's a jacket with asymmetrical zip placement with two zip pockets and detailed cuffs and a faux waistband~ The jacket is totally lightweight but it can be 'hot' if worn outdoors in a climate like Brunei. I was really sweating on the inside plus it was quite humid plus the nervousness of people able to see me *lol*

There it is, a simple outfit post! Oh the red circle lens.. maybe it's better to keep them for cosplay purposes, I find the look can be quite intense for normal outings. Maybe more natural colours like light brown is nice. I only used it because it's comfortable and the other circle lens are irritating my eyes!

Circle Lens- Blingcon
Faux Leather Jacket-Fashion Cabaret!
Dress-Full House II


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