Wednesday, April 25, 2007

halo halo~

today is nothing special... its very normal... normal to the max!! ah wellz.... woke up around 9 something.. then watched tv and had lunch and watched more tv... about pets!!! lots of cute doggies n cats...~~ eeeeee adorable~~~

cute doggie NO.1

cute doggie NO.2

since i cant watch too much tv(eyes getting dry) i went to sleep... til my parents went to hash... and i went to bath... since i was so bored... i couldn tahan.. so went out to seria plaza bought halo halo... gasppp... duno how loooong i haven eat it.... because my dad suddenly talk about halo halo... made me craving for it..!! huhu... but.... still got car park ticket... ughh.. went back and watched american idol.. then my bro came back and saw me eating the halo halo... and he was like... 'ohhh how sinful!! eating like that!!'.. wahhaha... yea... in halo halo... there is a scoop of ice cream, chunks of yam and the egg pudding or something, canned slices of coconut, bananas, sago, red bean, a scoop of syrup, lots of ideal milk, and there was something else.. i couldn remember.. but its nice in a way... i need to try wywy's halo halo, so i can compare!! huhuuhu.. ah wellz... i have to stand life like this for like how long again??? sighh.. -_-"

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storageaspire said...

hey babe,
u understand how i feel? wah who is tat person..must cerita to me okie!