Tuesday, April 3, 2007


well... today im not d least better than yesterday... i tink im overheated even more!!! ughhh.... went to brisk walk in ogdc but bcuz d sun was sooo piercing thru my skin... i walked slowly n fel soo weak.. ugh.. gotta sweat waa...

cute bunnies n hamsters together... they r soo quick!! huhuhu

nywayz... on sat.. went to miri wit my family to fix d car's aircon n ate a lot of stuffs!!!-> dim sum, sundae choc, yam pudding, laksa, err wat else agn ah?? argghh forgot... nywayz... easter coming soon... n in boulevard got display of live bunnies, hamsters, ducks n chicks.. they were sooo adorable!!!! eeeeeee ah wellz... sumthin lyk tat laaa

ducks n chicks... d kids loooove them!

then yesterday... folowed ak transport to smsa to get d principal's signature.. but agn he wasnt arnd!!!! waited for lyk half an hour.. n finally just passed to d secretary... n ohh i saw my frens!!!...-> sheila, desiree, sharon, eddie, fiqah who else ah?? huuhu

sheila, me n desiree...(who was reluctant to take pix wit mua.... had to drag her!!)

ah wells... went to nanyang to see d prom pix!! but was soo disappointing!!! cuz in most of d pix i looked fat!! arrghh... all my fatty acids..! but d shot wit phil n sharon were quite nice huhu... n saw err alicia's fren... took sooo much pix wit d gals.. n there was this pix... he was surrounded by d pwetty gals.. n their hands on his chest!! haha lucky guy!! ah wells... then went to escapade for lunch agn... ugghhh gettin fatty!!!

some of d sushis we ate

well... when we were there.. si razan n linna werent there TIL half an hour later... we waited soo loong laa.. n i even reserved d baby octopus aside n eat in front of her later.. but she was late...!! but nvm.. i did ate it in front of her n she was lyk looking sum oder place..!
syg tat my phone camera no micro function.. so d pix turned out blur!! btw tats d baby octopus n seaweed!

d swings~~~

then we saw nana, vivienna n a guy (i forgot his name)... they oso went der!! soo said hi n we abis makan.. then went to tmn jubilee...! 'at noon'.. goshh.. d sun sooo scary... so hot n sunny!! total suicide!!! but still we wana play d swing la.. b kids for a while... we oso played d others la... d see-saw (spring type) aiyaa i duno wats d official name la... n we played n i almost fell off!! sigh.. n met steph oso.. after lyk i duno how loong!! hehee she is well!!

me n steph!...

d 'illegal immigrants'!!

then we were soo hot (as in hot-> hot!) we decided to go to d kate's after a very looong 'meeting' for drinks laa... n accidentally ordered french fries n banana split.... ooo.. sooo sinful.... sooo gaininin weight by just goin out...!! ughhh

d drinks..-> avocado sumhin(razan), teh-c ping(linna), melon frezzie(mine), sumthin soursop(ak)

d french friessss

banana split.... our dessert....

ak ordered another drink... blueberry sumthin... gosh.... he muat laa.... we ahh cant liaw...

after tat.. we went to linna's place... n got to drink watermelon juice!! yes i know... water agn.. but it was sooo hot waaaa.. cant tahan... then her mom was sooo nice askin if we want food o not... eeee!!! ah wellz... then after tat we went back la...

well tats all la.... gosh!! finally... i abis ma blogging stuffs..!

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