Thursday, April 19, 2007

hanging out in bandar!!!

d foursome~~ ooopppss i mean.. four kawan!

d place where mary lives.... hehe exposed~~

ahaa!! 2day woke up really early to drive over to wani's place n folo joanna's transport to bandar~~~ sigh... tats d earliest tym i hav ever wake up in a few months tym huhu... well.. so me, leena, wani n joanna(sinah n lalai tak jadi~) went to bandar to pick mary first....looong tym no see her n she is still d same ~~... then went to itb to collect joanna, leena n mary's latters la.. wasehh their interview only a few days away~~ hope they will do well~ n not to forget.... joanna is really a good driver!!!! she expert~~ wahahhaa

d view arnd itb~
then went to seri q-lap to send mary to her work.. n since we were sooo xtremely hungry.. went to mamih cafe... i missed deir nasi lemak !! sooo went there n wani ordered watermelon juice, leena banana shake(look really good!), joanna teh-c ping n me teh tarik~~ n d food is as follows laar...
Nasi Lemak Mamih Biasa

Leena's Kuew Teow Basah n her Banana Shake

Joanna's Mee Mamak... wit tomatoes...-_-

Wani's Sweet Sour Prawn... 6 prawns inside~~

after tat... sooo kenyang laa... i finished my food!!! including d rice!!! wahaha... nyaman waa....n d oders tak berapa laa... huhuu.. then went back to q-lap to watch in d cineplex... n decided to watch 'SUNSHINE'!! well.. 5 bucks.. ok okla... since we had one hour to jln jln.. we went to shops n see see look look n tried jeans n cudn find d ryt ones...then mary joined us for awhile....
taking pic while on d escalator~~
they bought gelato... 2.60 bucks per falvour o sumthin,... reminds me of d ones in kl.. which was more delicious lookin!! wahhh miss kl~~~

hanging arnd d dream cones corner..~~

from wher me n wani sit... able to see joanna's car from der...(d first car on d right)

then after all those... we excort mary back to her work place.. then we rushed to d cineplex bcuz scared it starts early wa.. lyk tat tym they say start at 4pm but d movie started b4 4!... soo bot popcorn n drinks.... n went in.... n der goes d trailer of spiderman... then stu, scary, freaky trailer of hills hav eyes 2... ugghhh... then d movie starts la... n yess.... it was kinda scary.. cuz... 1) we were d only 4 ppl in d cinema 2) sound system is too good! cant escape by closing our ears but look at d bright side! we can make as much noise as possible...!! n luckily we didn watch any ghost movie such as 'jgn pandang belakang' o 'zombi kpg pisang'...oderwise we will leave d cinema!!! ... imagine.. u r d only ppl der.. n wat if u see sumthin tat sudn b der... n err... nvm.. forget it!... then later on.. 2 more men came in.. but still.... we were d only 6 ppl der..!! wahhaha

sempat ambil pic in d elevator~~

trailer of spiderman 3!

d beginning of sunshine~ n it looks lyk 'heroes' punya opening! huhu

well.. dis guy.. at first glance.. he is ok... then as d movie goes on.... makin ku suka~~~ ^_^

after d movie... n leena was acting crazy while takin pics.. hehe

d pwetty rotating light in mary's working place... chatted der for awhile...~~~

well.. we were blur at d beginning of d movie... but sumhow okla.. then makin nice laa... its really.. unexpected la.. got suspence la.. n got one part ah we were really scared.. cuz its lyk we r watching a serial murderer o sumthin~~ haha.. it was good!! n d ending...nice n left me feeling warm.... n i salute to all those brave ppl!!!! really my 'hero'... :D well.. left seri q-lap n went to vincci to serach for wani's heels... but no luck... so went to 'the mall'!! as usual...~ n jln jln arnd d shops... n to our disappointment.. cudn get any... but sumhow happy oso.. cuz got to save sum money..~~ whahaha

stolen shot in vincci~~

when we almost want to go back.. d gals tapau food.. n we shared in d car!! waseeeh sooo full laaa.... thank you gals!!! haha went back happily~~~... wit leena cracking up... agn~~ n yeaa they karaoke in d car abit... huhu.. then got drizzle abit.... n i drove back...

d wedges from kfc~~~

d japanese round thingy~~ n agn it reminded me in kl.... tats d yummiest ive eva tried... n d price of course.. very nice oso laa.. ;(

d driver while drinkin n eating... expert driver!!

n yeaa... enjoyed today!! n jus now went out for awhile alone.. n yeaa... overspent.... argghh!! im spose to save!!!! but ah wellz.... i cudn control myself... so weak... ughhhh!! ohhh yeaa... wani!!! i wan pao pao!!! huhuhu~~

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