Tuesday, April 10, 2007

old update~

this post is spose to be posted yesterdy.. but then!!! my internet connection here sasat waa... so i cudn update... so d following is sumthing tat i wrote yesterdy.... enjoy~~
Well… on saturdy nyt.. went to celebrate my sis bday in advanced in seria makan thai food.. tho im sick but I still eat! Dun care liawww…..yuuuum I still lurvee d papaya salad~~ then my sis told me got lemongrass in kb~~ I totally blur lleerr.. didn know!!! Cuz she said its next to excapade agn… n I went to excapade for 2 tyms n I didn realize there was a lemongrass there??? How could i??? huhuhu

Then d next day… went for breakfast in kb then at arnd 11.30 went up to labi forest to make trail.. sum oder hashers swap dates wit my dad wa.. so had to go la… then we went in… remind u.. im still sick~ well.. jus headache now la.. but can still tahan… n in here wat I wanted to say… u ol hafta visualize how a forest look lyk then u can understand wat im tokin about.. oderwise uol will b sayin im tokin crap… huhuhu yeaa I do tok crap sumtyms… err jus in case u cudn visualize… its kinda lyk an evergreen rainforest la… those wit taaaaall trees n dried leaves all over d place wit rivers n insects n swamps n all those laa…

er... its d err normal stuffs found on-site la.. :)

then.. after one hour in d forest….. it rained!!! Rained heavily with thunderstorms!!! Argggh… im ok wit raining but not when im sick..! when got thunder I was feeling scared.. cuz my ears sumhow are sensitive when sick…tats y these days cant listen to songs o watch tv… nywayz… another reason of disliking thunder was…. It can strike u n since we r all wet… when it kena us…we’ll b hangus.. n er.. die! O else.. it can strike d tall trees n d branches may fall n hit us hard.. really hard… n may faint! Luckily there were no strong wind.. oderwise it cud b worse….

d rubbish bin n d drinks(100plus n sehat water) r available in d bucket.. my dad's hand blocked d view..!

Nywaaaazzzz… nuthin bad happened la.. thank goodness!! But it rained heavily… n we of course were drenched over n over agn… n we climbed over those huge tree trunks n all those trails weren’t clear.. so we had to look out for those lil tissues n we put on more tissues… n since tissues r degradable… our tissues oso went soft n difficult to sort them out… so had to clump sum pieces of tissues n throw onto d ground n oso hang d tissues under sum short trees to prevent d raindrops from wetting them… by tat tym I was getting dizzier.. n d weight of d bag im carryin was getting heavier n my specs were blur n feelin cold!!... ughh d headache was getting worse… then after 1hr 30 min of raining I was at my limit.. n I kept asking for shortcut to go out… ba noooo~~~ my dad’s fren kept quiet n kept going…~ ughh.. then for another hour finally sun shines.. but I waas completely moody n reluctant to walk.. cuz for me… every step I take, each headache I’ll get… then finally out.. but I was almost to d verge of crying… after getting out from d forest, had to walk along d road back to wher our car is… then d hashers were arriving liaw… but I cant tahan liaw.. n my tears just flowed down… (lyk d tym when Felicia was driving my car round n round d town wit shir… then fish, shir n licia saw me crying.. yes.. its tat type of crying where I cant control my tears..) n I sooo wanted to hug sumone n cry~~ I wan my huggin buddy to hug~~~( as if I hav one!!) hahaha yea im a crybaby… n d hashers saw me… then they were lyk waah.. d trail sooo scary til she cry ah?? Hahha… wat to do… d headache was too intense….
resting outside ~~

Then went to bath in d recreational park.. n I was standing in d toilet for my mom lyk an idiot…cuz too tired n still feeling so dreadful… my baju was sooo dirty including my inner wear ah… got soil all over..! ughhh….then after bath n went to ayamku eat n went back to d site… n waited…. Then those who shortcut came out an hour later… n d fast runner oso took 1hr 20min.. (normally they wud come out 45min later or an hour later) but this was too much… wwahahhaa.. cuz kinda difficult to see d tissue pprs waa… then when they r finally out… d uncle aunties knew I cried n they were lyk sayin.. ‘u know?? Doraemon’s anak/lil doraemon (my mom’s hash handle) cried waa…’… then I had to explained y I cried…. Cuz normally I wudn cry laa… sigh.. soo embarrassed…. My sis oso laughed at me.. but nvm la.. dun care liaw.. I was sooo weak tat tym… n luckily no one lost jungle.. good!

reluctant to tok to ppl punya facial expression~~~ hmph~!

Soo then at nyt.. suddenly shir n Rachel contacted me n oso suggest go lemongrass!! Yaaay.. we hav this thing for lemongrass wa.. so we all agreed terus!! Haha.. after hearing them over d fon.. I was soooo happy~~~ me kinda recover liaw…. Huhuhu… Then today… when woke up.. I was tired n those numerous insect bites were visible liaw ughh soo itchy~~~~ so rest a lot then kinda felt better n spent my tym watch anime… uhuhu.. was happy!!!

Oooo cant wait for 2mrw to meet ma dahleeennngzz~~~

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