Monday, April 30, 2007

saturday night, 28.04.07

lepak around ogdc... yeaa i know.. i looked freaky~~~ what to do... the fringe iss sooo making my eyes look smaller that i hafta basarkan my eyes~~ -_-"

well then we reached ogdc.... and went around and was really disappointed in the night bazaar.. soooo little laa.. but sayang we didnt go to the other side.. cuz we thought they sell muffins only~~ huhuu so we went to ideal to eat and we saw anis carrying a cutey lil baby!!! well, it's not hers laaa... but she is getting married!!! eeee but congrats to her!!
razan and the adorable baby!! but the baby was about to cry~~ oooo sooo cutee

since we were early for the function... we pose pose our shoes~~~~ huhuu

well... our seats were good.. cuz quite front ... but the stage was kinda a little diasppointing!! sooo err small and short....

more pose pose~~

my turn!!

the band..'emergence'.. not bad.. for a group from temburong... both the male and female singers were actually singing in sync~~~ nice~~~~

bsp dancers~~~ good performance!! sooo energetic and happy!!!

the two djs.. with a local singer, maria... sooo lurve her performance!!! her voice is soooo nice... high pitch but nice!!!

when more ppl left.. we even put our feet on the chair... soo yeaa... boredom..

more prizes to give away!! but towards the end... the kids rushed to get them all!!!

everything finished.. ppl leaving....

before we left.. pose again... err... gila pose~~~ it was after midnight...~~ but really enjoyed that night... it wasnt as bad as i think it would be!!!! goshhh~~~ sooo tired....~~

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