Friday, April 13, 2007

til later~~

u know wat?????? im not sure of how to update my blog... cuz ther hav been lotsaaaa pix!!!! goshhh... duno how to start...!!

ah wellz.. ive decided to skip telling bout my hang out on tuesday wit rachel n shir... if u ol want... pls visit rachel's blog... ->

huhuhu.. yes.. rachel.. i let u down!!! at last i didn update it by my own...!!! sighh....

then yesterdy went to miri wit them both!!! ah wells 2mrw nyt then update cuz now me tired n need sleep!! mayb just now went jumping too much wit rachel..~~ huhu well... till den!

1 comment:

-RacheL- said...

wahahahaha kasian! wah seh put my blog sana lagi... die la hahahaha jk jk!