Tuesday, April 10, 2007

sooo today went out wit 2 of my dearest galfrens... n well.. d pics wit rachel.. n forgot to bring d pendrive to save d pix~~~~!!!! sooo syg... so cant update la... cuz i wana post pix together oso waa.. more interesting tat way...! oderwise i will copy n paste from rachel's bloggie~~ huhuhu plagarism~~ :p
rachel~~ u lab me ryt~~?? so can copy ur post ehh?? hehehehe kidding wa~~~ =D

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mui eng said...

hey! finally i drop a comment! hahaha. hows miri trip?! omg! boringnya me..i jes wokeup. =p its 10ish am here. there, about 5ish.

wow, blogging is fun eyy? but it takes away my commitment from friendster and facebook! too many to handle la beb! hehehe

ohhhh ma gaddd..i saw cute fluffy animals in your previous post.wheres thats and whose babies are those? SO F.CUTE!

=p rindduuuu kamu banget dong!