Sunday, April 29, 2007

friday, 27.04.07 taking pics at the traffic light junction~~

on friday morning... razan picked me and rachel m. up and we hanged out la! but before that... razan supposed to pick me up at 8.30am.. i was waiting and waiting until 8.45am, i messaged her. after awhile, she replied, "oh syt. i just woke up." wahliuuuu gilaa.... she didnt know again.. luckily rachel woke her up by calling her!! haha gila girl.. too much into maple la.... so yeah.. went to supa save to shop for ingredients to make apple pie for the next day.. and we both forgot to print the ingredients... so we were clueless a little on what to buy!! but still able to buy some.. huhuhu... then company rachel to make her baju then after that, went for lunch in wywy... enjoyed the food then she sent us all back cuz in the afternoon she had to go for dancing practise..

rachel's food... we called it the '3 flavoured chickens'!! -> sweet salty chicken sausage, salty butter milk chicken and spicy fried chicken!!
my fried tang hoon!! the beef is really good!! huhu... and oh no! i didnt take pics of razan's food! hers is the yummiest of all... sze chuan japanese tofu sizzling something something! ooooo ah wellz!!

razan's drink, ice bandung and rachel's drink, kuching teh c ping and mine, teh tarik india!! since mine's from india and rachel from kuching... razan was like.. i want to choose a country name oso!! but couldn't find any.. soo we named her drink... ice bandung brunei!! huhu

when i get back.. i wanted to go out again.. so i dragged my mom and did our chores... hospital closes every friday!!! we forgot...~~ ughhh then went over to her friend's place... while she was chatting with her friend.. i was bored so took pics of the cutey little bunny over there...~~~ lalala

i love the sky~~~ and this.. i was bored that time!!!

the cutey little bunny!!!but very aggressive!!!

i was distracting the bunny using the little teddybear~~~ and it was showing its fangs.. uhhh seems like it wanted to eat the little teddy bear out!!

went back then waste the other hours away.. then.. zzzzzzzzzzZzzzzz


storageaspire said...

wah leong leong, can u please dont always post food pictures up in every of ur post?! my goodness..make me miss the food so much only..u want me to die is it? wah lao...really hate u...haha!!

lck87 said...

wahahahhaa nolaa.. im promoting food ehhhh good oso??? whaahaa