Sunday, April 15, 2007


well.... ystrdy spose to go see sas sports meet but duno y i was soo lazy soo tak jadi!!!! sleep puas puas saja.. n oso cudn go for lunch wit rachel.. sigh... so ended up making cupcakes(d type d flour ready liaw punya... in a box.. duh~~) n added sesame seeds n chocolate bits in d centre n top.. huhu fattening!! but love it!!! then at nyt went to see my bro performance at d sks party n well.. it was kinda lame.. hahaha n he was lyk 'it was d boss's idea!!' ksian him... heard oso a terrible news... duno i duno him tat well.. but still.. he was a close fren of my close fren~~ felt weird.. n was tokin bout it wit shir n felicia... well.. if its true.. then... may u rest in peace....

then today.. basically stayed at home cuz my parents didn even wake me up n hav breakfast wit them... so sad~~ so made spaghetti for my sis for brunch.. then later my bro wanted to eat too...! sighhh made another plate..... nuthin much la today... stayed at home till i was bored till i crawled up d stairs n my sis agn lyk wondering wats goin on wit me~~~ hmmm

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