Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Let's chill in Universal Cafe in Seria

Hi~ It's been awhile and I'm back to update on expired pics! lol~ This hangout was on 19.08.2012 and only now I decide to post them cuz I had some good pics. Too good to left unnoticed lol!

Anyways, I don't usually go Universal cafe just because when my family or my friends come out, we always go for places that serve heavy food~ Universal cafe is more like a chilling place, where you want to have something light. I can't really explain the origins and history and etc etc but let's just say it's a relaxing place =)

Whenever I am here, I just like to order Teh C (tea with evaporated milk and sugar). What's cute is that they  serve it in a small cup which I like since I don't drink that much. 

I have a habit to sit by the windows just because of the natural light coming through and makes me warm and fuzzy~ 

My childhood friend and one of the malauz, Felicia aka Fish! She came back from SG briefly and got to hang in this place ^^ 

Soft boiled egg! I feel like they make the perfect soft boiled egg~ It's just right and like to pour light soy sauce and pepper onto it. 

*Breaks the yolk* mmm~ runny runny~  

Finally, my favourite French Toast with cheese added! It's just bread with cheese in between the bread and dipped in egg(whipped up) and pan fry~ served with sugar and optional tomato sauce. I have no idea why but I just stick to ordering this whenever I am here.

Like I said, it's not a fancy place, it serves normal coffee, tea, milo, breads like toasts with kaya or planta and all those~ They are also famous for their jelly with ice cream but unfortunately it was sold out when we were there =/

Simple place, simple food and we were having the time of our lives XD


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