Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mr Baker's Cafeteria 07.10.2012

On the same day trying out the ice cream macarons, we also went to Mr Baker's Cafeteria to chill and get a feel of how the place is~ I am like a big fan (not really big but moderately big XD) like whenever my family need cakes, I will definitely think of Mr Baker's Bakeshop as I love the quality and taste of their cakes! Anyways I was excited and dragged boyfie to go there though we were slightly feeling full.

Mango Cheesecake- Though how much I say I love their cakes, I don't particularly like this. I guess they use real fresh mangoes but when I tasted it, it feels like they used the mango juice infused with the other ingredients. Another point is, I don't feel as like there is much cheese flavour in it; more gelatin than cheese thus that jelly-ish texture. I ordered this because I want something refreshing and it didn't do that for me XD

It does look appetizing I suppose 

Boyfie ordered coffee and I love the smell of it but he said it's not strong at all, maybe just one shot of espresso? 

I was craving for cream of mushroom and when I saw the blackboard outside the cafe stating there is cream of mushroom, I immediately knew what I wanted to order! I quite like this one; full of mushroom flavour, taste of chunky mushroom pieces as well, rich cream flavour BUT it's a tad too creamy! Thank goodness for the bread that comes along with it, I just used the bread to scoop the soup and savour it instead of using the spoon to 'drink' it. It is very filling. Boyfie's opinion is that there is some taste that is stronger like.. a bit too much thyme?

Close up of the bread accompanying the cream of mushroom. It is good! Look at that texture!

Boyfie's Mexican Chicken and it is really good! Love the bread texture, the lovely flavours; the olives didn't overpower the delicate chicken flavour. I find the flavours are in harmony which was ironic because the songs they played in the cafe was classical music and was at its climatic point and it helped us with our exaggerated facial expression of yelling 'OISHI!!!' lol!

Anyways, love to bring my mom along to try it out as she loves bread and I will go there again when I get the chance to do so =D 


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