Saturday, October 13, 2012

Syam + Idah

Last two Sundays, went to Tasek Merimbun with Cherry, Nio, Scary, Koh and Nio's bro and fiancee and someone else(=.=") to actually take a look at the new butterfly park but ended up spent too much time in Tasek Merimbun thus missing out the park~ Anyways did this unplanned photoshoot of Nio's brother and his fiancee. 

It is my first trial in getting more in hand of directing and I am still very nervous and unsure of my vision =p but I try my best~

The engagement ring

Love the grass at the background and I tried to bring out its beauty and I guess I am satisfied with this.

Cute contrast XD

Here, Idah has slowly warmed up to me taking their pictures and did minor actions that is so adorable =D

It was getting late then we went to the beach! seri kenangan beach to be exact~ it was quite bright that day~

Tried something vintage, well I am trying to improve my photography and editing as well, wish me luck! =D


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