Thursday, July 16, 2009

manga time~

just finished reading this manga just now... good one! =D thought it would be boring.. or the typical big boobs n stuffs~ surprisingly... its not! wheee~~ when reading this, it was accompanied by songs in my lappie~ hahaha fits it well.. specially when i was reading certain parts n there's songs from world's end girlfriend, ilaria graziano, salyu,dishwalla, etc~ ahh~ makes me better than reading the previous manga...'zashiki onna' which kinda freaks me out~ its worse than a stalker! -_-

there it is!! that poor guy... who was sorta 'stalked' by this tall freaky woman~ gaaah... who wouldnt be freaked out that she duplicated ur keys n cud get into ur home anytime?? hah~ tho the artwork is not tat impressive..but... storyline wise.. freaky! but hate the ending!! i was another 'clean' ending!! i wana know who or 'what' that woman is! =p

the other day... was reading this one shot manga.. loop... quite nice...! this dude dead...rather he was murdered n he diedwith regrets.. thus he had to 'relived' that day he was killed over n over..thus the manga 'loop'... n this certain day.. he got to break this loop thingy... interesting la..for me.. hehe

at last!! i got to download this manga!! few years back.. i read skyhigh... n this is skyhigh~karma~... n i never did finish dl it...cuz my desktop went dead! -_- owhh those terrible memories of my files not being able to be saved~ sigh.. but now i finished reading it!... not bad la~ the storyline ah... the girl's ancestor cursed the bloodline to be erased... thus that vengeful spirit wana take her life~ n the gatekeeper, izuko, helped her out.. when ppl die.. their spirits would meet this gatekeeper who gave them 3 choices la... first.. to accept the death n reborn.. second..become a ghost n roam the earth.. third..possess n murder one person in earth~ well.. duwan to say more.. if interested.. go read it! i like la the manga.. haha love the art!! =D

*gasp* goth!!!wheeeee!!! i finally got to re-download it! one of my fav few years back! n now i could read it agn! i so recommend it~ hehhe its abt killing stuff btw.. n the main character has this thing going on like thought on how to murder the female main character~ =/ n the girl is always targeted to be the victim~ -_- ah wells... dun care XD

i havent download this but i wana read!!! jesus n buddha living together in modern day japan?!?! hahaha guess its just a simple thing la... i mean... its not too into those religious stuff~ meant to be laid back n relax type of manga?? duno~.... cant wait to dl~ hehehe

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