Tuesday, July 7, 2009

love star's day 7/7

ystrdy was my mom's bday!! soo happy bday mommy!! love uuuuuuu!! =D *long live mommy long live mommy!!!!*

n today's mr kah wee's bday!! happy bday!!!

n also today is......
ta-daaaaah!!! love star's day!!!! its an event happening in ginza, japan~ hahaha i have noooo idea how they celebrate it thoo~~ but im very the excited for nooo reason~ haha =D
the venue taking place as shown in map on the fan~ btw this fan was a freebie from one of ginza's bookstore laaa~

this was on 21.06.09~ where some of us ppl were in ginza... besides the freebie fan, i got hold of this lil thingy(duno what to call it) as shown above...~ it's for ppl to write in whatever they want n hang it on one of the 'trees' positioned along the ginza street~

me n taka posing with the 'tree'~ hahaha gomen takaaa... posted ur... uhm... 'excited face'? haha this was the only decent pic i had with the tree.. *i think* haha

i wrote nothing much... just noting that i was there~ hmmm should have wished for something?? hmmm.. not too good with wishing ahh.. hehehe *shyshy* i took a pic of taka's writing too! but then duwan post it up la.. later he marah hahhaa

owwwwwh streets of ginzaaaa~ sooo syok n sakai at the same time.. when they allow us to just walk along this huge street~ they blocked cars from using this road n we are free to roam arnd!! hahahaa ahhh i see u andrea!!! with ur lovely purchase of burberry blue label!! *wink wink* hahaha

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Hiro said...

I want to go Japan now and go shop for more Burberry with Andrea.xD AAAAhhh! Hopefully in December can go shop XD