Sunday, July 12, 2009


this scene happened in akasaka,tokyo in hotel monterey akasaka~
wasehh looked like a proposal o sumthin cuz lim han was kneeling...uh oh i mean sitting on the stairs =D n the witnesses were yahui n fen... the person holding the gift is mizuho~

more witnesses in! sharon n andrea! all anticipating the gift within~

opened n shocked in a way! hahahhaa a joyous occasion?

rupanya gave mizuho a lil toy that she likes~hahaha the point in this post is... its mizuho's bday today! so happy bday! (rajin greet her this way cuz got continuous sequence of pics of her ba.. =D)

okok.. i cud have been more creative in typing in this post... but am tired atm... just came back home from hash n makan makan... n ystrdy was the hoursewarming event...n was busy la... helped mom with the preparation of food~ n during the event... chat with ppl n looked arnd.. haha looked at my sis n bro kna forced to drink liquor n stuff... n boy the karaoke session was mad..... the later it was.. the madder it was! haha they were basically screaming at top of their lungs! at that time i was talking to togashi abt japan...(hahah yep.. still thinking of it.. im sooo gonna visit japan next time if i cud have the chance~) n even togashi went mad listening to the karaoke!hahhaa somehow... okla.. i got to continue to clean up the kitchen... slept at 2.45am.. n woke up 12.30!! wheeee~ but nda nyaman my sleep... sob sob~ then went for hash... then now back home..~ hah~ the weekend is indeed simple in my life =)

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