Thursday, July 23, 2009

hachiko oh hachiko~

watched this movie.. few years back~cuz sis bought it.. n i saw the cover so cute..thus i watched it..without knowing anything *pardon for the pirated dvd thingy... im neutral in both original n pirated sides =p*

then when in japan.. visiting shibuya.... i took a pic with this statue without knowing what it is too*see my blur blur face or not?*! cuz they were crowding the place n took pics with it... n kept callin it hachiko hachiko~ in my head...i was like.. very familiar hooor~ but never to think what it was la..

until now when return home.. n was packin the dvds at home... i saw the hachiko cover! then i was like!!!! i took a pic with it!!!!!! nooo!! shud have posed more creatively with the hachiko~~~ or or...take more elaborate pics with the hachiko!! or or... climbed somewhere!


aiyoo.. at least i got take a pic with it instead of photoshopping with a pic of hachiko found online ba hor! *nah im not that desperate* so content =)

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