Thursday, July 16, 2009


ystrdy.. woke up late, arnd noon? cuz that very mornin i slept at 3.30am..just cuz there was karaoke session in the living room with sis's friend n herself n me n bro~ plus some uncles n aunties were playin mahjong in my sis n my room~ sooo cant sleep looor~ then then... i tried to be semangat abit...thus went to hash with parents n auntie.... n it started to rain!! darn the rain! stayed in the car to wait for the rain to stop...while waiting.. was just trying to take pics~

take pics til i was just playin arnd with the parameters n stuff~ haha then the rain was getting lighter! yaay! so went for hashing... at kbh4..its a free run cuz its a family day run on HM bday! n we went for the short run...which was real short.. cuz for the kids wa... arnd 10min? so went for 3 rounds~ wheeee~ nice nice~ then we didnt eat at that site...cuz we went to yee jan's place there for makan makan~ (the hashers were there owedi) n gosh!! so much food!! yuuum yumm! thus i overate n i was sufferin in a way...(serve u right, u glutton! -_-)

so i was snarling n gnarling... (kidding) -_- okay okay fine fine!! i'll try to fully update my japan trip!! which i duno when i shall update.... cuz busy atm to read manga! hahahaha =DD n owhhhh i lose weight in japan.. n now im gainin it back! darn the food ive been eating at night n the bbq's'!! XD

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