Saturday, June 6, 2009

sorry towel!

it's been awhile i haven't been moving this 'active' with my arms.. -_- first day cleaning session of my new home in kb with my mom... haaa~though mom did most the job...(she's my superwoman =p) i clearly do not do much housework at all... as shown....below!!
a brand new china towel... then at the end of the day(arnd 5pm) tadaaaah!!!! holes here n there... @_@ i guessed i used too much force... no wonder im tired! XD nvmla.. got another towel to use =D

when i reached home.. terus.. find watermelon! yuuuummy! soo heavenly! hahaha was very thirsty though i drank more than enough water~ but nevertheless satisfied...! mores satisfied when my parents brought me along to my dad's japanese colleague's farewell dinner~ haha get to eaaat n taaaalk~ wheee~ for the chicken rice for lunch! =D been thinking abt chicken rice since.... since... chee tapau-ed chicken rice from thien thien n the smell was drowning me in my caaaaar~ ah wells.. more satisfied now~ am happy~ =D

2mrw..another cleaning session! *i think i already am feeling malas~ haha* n duno agn when im gona update abt irn's bday~ =D soon i guess~ XD

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