Friday, June 12, 2009

on hold on everything else in life but not date n moving house!


he's back! =)))

on the downside..... new home.... looootsa work!! carryin n wiping n everything else... sighhh~the joints of my fingers are alil numb hahaha... its been a week... n still haven finish clearing the old place.. the new place is a mess! but to the rescue~~ =D

n hey thanx girls on monday..for such a surprise for me!! i was very very bangang!!! hahaha but i really appreciate it! thanx for bringing me such a 'huge living person' pressie~ =D

n thanx syg for our anniversary celebration~~ XD

*hearts ya*


Hiro said...

Ah..where was this? ehhe.Nice pic!

Eone Ran & SaFizah said...

wats wif the face?? kana marahi kh? hahaha

Izzati said...

Just a stranger passing by :p

Delicious pic of ice cream & waffles hehe