Sunday, June 7, 2009


ahem ahem! a post showing... besides making gladiators for the robotech competition... we rajin students also take extra course in studying the momentum, newton's law, etc etc in practical! *sarcastic tone* =p who else but the competitive liang n irn wana compete each pool in a game of pool! -_-
the leading man! the one with the most experience~ i duno wat to say abt his facial expression when he was trying to hit the ball XD

irn~ still learning n.. mcam quarrel with liang agn~ hahaha nadawa nadawaaa *hihihi*

wasehh sol/tui~ soooo gila!! do the trick lagi...using backhand ah to hit the ball~ XD nvmlaaaa! nobody seeeee!! only us laughing louuud sja XD

me... errrr... hahaha my first time... n its...embarrasing..? hahaha i was shy la... cuz when i wanted to play.. got other ppl play also... embarrased!!! n my form..mcam wana go cut bread into slices o wat~ XD owh owwwhh! got one time.. i tried to aim... then when trying to hit the ball....*swoosh* missed! XD teruk ahh~ =ppp haiya... i like to see ppl play wa... i know i suck..XD

eh ehh... i didnt take pic of oz... -_- he first time too...but good ahh!! =D then after one hour there.. then we balik to the lab... where the technicians were wonderin where we were spending our own sweet time outside~ @_@ hahaahahha! nvmla nvmla! destress once in awhile XD

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