Wednesday, November 21, 2007

random art

time to update bout random stuffs~~

drew this when in form 6... due to stress i tink?? hhahahaa

n agn random.... haiyoo duno wat i was trying to draw.. hahaha

simple drawing agn..... hmmmm

drew this for gp o sumthing... just hantam draw n turned out to b stressful for ppl who see it.. wahahhaaa

this is what i do when studying maths-vectors just yesterday... -_-"" sooo malas to study waa... its just bad~~~

owwwwh i miss my mama's fren's rabbit!!! sooo fat b4.. i wonder what bout now???

fat til d cage is lyk sooo sempit for it... huhu

my room door... haiyoo... update bout it agn cuz nobody pass by my room.. advertise my 2mp sony cybershot take punya pic.. hhuhuhu (btw its in grave repairs atm tats y got new cam..)

ahhhh a pwetty butterfly otw back from fos to hostel...~~ hehehehee

that's all!!! for now..~~ ^_^

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