Friday, November 23, 2007

happy bday to timun!!

whoaaa... my first time to do an advanced posting!!!!!!! hahaha well this post sposedly to post on d 29th nov... but since i'll be back in hostel for my exams... so wont b able to update la.... anyways~~~~*on to the next paragraph~*

waaaaaaaaaaaooooo~~ this update is specially dedicated to sir nosferatus!! since he hasnt been updating his bloggie for quuuuuuuite sooooooooome time~~~ ( got special order from him to ask me to post something for him huhuhu nollaaa... i willingly wana post something about him since he's such a nice fren tho i know him in a short while n seen him only once in real life...

ah wells~~~ HAPPY BDAY TO U!!!!!!!!! wish u good good n dun hangover too much owwh~~ hafta control eh~~ haha n no... i duwan to hav a drink fiesta with u.. i will collapse very very fast~~ hahaha right rachel?? ^_^

good vs evil??

the wink wink guy! wahahhaa sowi i mean... its sir nosferatus, d t-man aka timun/ ma gay daddy~ hehehhee

babaaaaa ENJOY!!!!
*psssst... timun ah timun~ so hav u pierced both ears liaw??? huhuhu*

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