Friday, November 23, 2007

reminiscing old times

uwaaaaaa!!!! am just here update a lil.... shoot... ppl study break... n i keep updating my blog.... waddaheck me doing??? confident to fail isit?? sighh -_-"""

nyways... i was looking thru rachel's blog and i browse thru her older blog..... and omigosh!!!! i missed all those fun moments!!! n its really funny when look thru it agn... hahahha bout when we swim in llrc o when crossing d bridge in miri, etc, etc... huhuhu

and was looking thru my old blog hmmm i realised.. d pics sooo small... cant really see ehh...~~ but i missed my ripas i week attachment thingy there.. hahaha got to where d green uniform for d surgery place o sumthing... n overnyt at my sis place with razan, wani n linna... eeee nice...~~

baa enuf for random posts agn... i soo nid to get my work started!!! X-P!!

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