Monday, August 17, 2009


lemme just post those kendo grp pics up here~ hehe this was before the jap army came... it was only the local kendokas n david sensei... he is from malaysia thus malaysia n brunei flag~

not lookin at my direction cuz it was on purpose! haha they were lookin at sharon while i was just ermm busybody-ing! =D

the public makin themselves comfy by sitting on stage to view better~ can talk la, videocam, take pics, etc etc without disturbing the event~

ooOOoo~ the jaaapaaanesse arrived! for me...first time.. they came. i was like.. whoooaaa.. i feeel that auraa! *exaggerating* XD

a grp pic of allll the kendokas that evening....with three flags... except that japan's flag isnt exactly a japan flag but that's still the logo~ =) thanx to combat kun for bringing that along !

sending the guests off~ goodbyeeeeeeee~cyaaa agn~ some time~ maybe~ perhaps~ mortem? ok... its just discussion abt how the night was... it was a pleasant night =)

the next day, david sensei shared his knowledge to the kendokas in clt... it was nice... enjoyed it..=)

grp pic agn~ with some kendokas missing as they went home early... lotsa interesting matches btw=)

posing with the 'stance'...i duno wat u call it.. but yea... im no kendo persoooon~ -_- tat night i was called camera lady~ terus... presssssureee... n i dun work well with pressssuuuureeee...hahaha nola.. no pressure..but yea... hmmm still haven pose any 'action' stuffs arnd here... cuz agn im preoccupied~ sumhow~

my gift from david sensei~ =) its lovely~ thanx~

n owh his monkey boy with chuchu n irene's video cam n 100plus n sharon's gift from david sensei~ =D

sorry for there's not much stories... cuz im tired... from all those..burning sessions!!! i mean dvds....=/ i nid to clear some stuff away from laptop n my hd... apparently... it is veeery tough...-_- burnt quite a number of dvds owedii...goshh.... almost out of stock... @_@ gaaaaaah... i still nid to burn some more... maybe.. continue 2mrw... =/

n ohhhhhh i got my air tix this morning!!! yaaaay!! wats left is to pack n exchange moneeeeey... i have nooo pounds at allll... =(

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