Friday, August 14, 2009

ber-model in some ways?

on tues nyt in the mph~(multi purpose hall) n i saw the souvenirs they gona give to the guests tat nyt.. its a shot glass! labelled brunei n a pic of the billionth barrel monument! @_@ *ironic souvenir in some way..=/ since brunei is strict with alcohol... n there's shot glasses sold! well tats wat i think plang... gomen..*

a prettier souvenir as showcased above by the hands of a lovely lady =) i think... her bracelet-watch is pretty too =p

combat trying to fit those shot glasses into small bags... n he was wearing this emblem/logo o watsoever u call it... its cool =)

goshiiieee~~ another hyper lolly girl~ hahaha *gasp* i think i fell for her! XD okok im not lesbo...but but... =) she's lovely~~~ *faints* hahaha

pencil souvenirs with brunei logo on itttttt !! haha ignore the price tag there! =p

gaaaaackkk!!! tat adorable lil thingie thing~ cuuuute!! hehe i think it was... rain's... was it?? irene kept holding onto it..=D

hahah chuchu's the boss! =) followed by irene then jiajia n her sidekick then combat n pau n mimi n dd n chia yie~ *.*

after chia yie changed into sharon's gi hakama, goshiiiiieeeee me fall head over heels~~~ my mikoooo!! ada that innocent look agn~ raawr!! =D *eeeps... better dun like this..later got 'someone' wana murder me hehe*

my first time seeing david sensei... when i know abt kendo in ubd.. i would hear at times his name being brought up.. a well respected man la.. n i guess... its true...=) glad to meet him!

yi yiiiiiiii!!! no wonder u were like 'glowing; in some ways..rupanya tat time.. the next day was ur bdaaay... i stil owe u a hug!

owh feeen! we kept sayin she looked like cinderella!! cuz she was sweeping the floor n she 'clipped' her hair... =D

hahah sharon looked like she wan exorcist ghosts! pro lookin!

eeeps my lovely girl! =) wat more cud i say abt her?? =)

chuchu!!!! haha irene n her fetish in the adventures of chuchu!! this time.. its at ubd security checkpoint!

i wudnt wana miss out too! i like to have pics taken also waaa! hahahaha thanx jiajia for takin this n thanx alicia for the shirt! i love it! XD but well... dun mind my 'macho-ness' ppl~ its erm..naturall... mayb i have more testosterone within my body -_-

warming up session..before the jap army guests arrived.. ahhh btw.. not really posting up those kendo pics.. mayb later... when im more semangat =)

n agn amir n pau~ with david sensei's guidance n help the kendokas better ~


ok koh was being freaky in some sorts! hahaha bet he must have enough naps to b this erm.. freaky? haha kidding kidding...nvm sharon.. lets just say u have a stalker =D

one emo bahar coming right up! eeeeeepsssss not in the mood of punchin him much liaw..haha tired ah tireddd

guess who this is??? those yummy chest! =DDD hahaha i guess he's freaked out in some ways of meee hahahahhaa nice to teaseeee

interview interview interview time! btw he is malaysian... =DD malaysia boleh!!! hahaha wat?? im m'sian too baaa =)

gaaah posing with our very own local miko~~ =DDDD hahaha i guess i was hyper in some sorts since i cud take pics with my girls~ XD

in some ways i think i looked thin here!XD hahhaa posing with my mooooost favourite dude! XD my besstest fren!! XD*is there even a word as bestest XD hahahhaaha* yeeeep syg u very the muchie laaaaaaa

4 eyed ppl with square rims! XD ok.. y we looked kinda tired somehow ah?

=DDDD miko jaga the entranceeeeee! =DDDDDD adorableeeee!!! haha baaa... update til here sja.. till next time! well well.. i wonder shud i post them to fb agn =/

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