Saturday, August 15, 2009

saya *hearts* bridex

this morning went bridex with chee n mas..then met my sis n azri at the parking lot n used bus to get into bridex location n reached there juat before9... n we spent our time til 2something! =DDD had fun!! hahaha saw all the demos... n walked arnd n talked n stuffs... hehe took a pic with a sporean pilot! hahahahahhahaa XD *blush*

yeeep us four girls... n had whooole looots of fun.. n ermm.. see when agn.. i try update.. which i doubt.. haha went for laaaate lunch at tph in batu bersurat n i was not satisfied with my meal! =( walked arnd..went hostel n back to chee place to transfer pics n reached home... alil late... n now im supper dupeeer tiredddd...=/// hehehe

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