Sunday, August 9, 2009


today's 'his' bday~ =) thanx for everything~ from feeding me 'too well' to listening to my rants n etc etc =D n hey had a great time ystrdy~ thanx agn~ *hearts*

ah.. ystrdy, over my place, sis's frens decided to throw bday party over at our place~ 2 belated bdays! theres eating n lami n there's.. drinking games! names roulette n shooters&ladders! haaaaah! roulette is just like playin roulette by spinning the wheel n drop the lil wud fall onto one of the numbers n u hafta drink the contents of the cup corresponding to that number~ shooters&ladders is worse! they seriously got alil drunk playing that~ its actually similar to 'snakes&ladders' just tat yea... its drinkin game... no pics uploaded cuz i haven transfer those pics over.. lotsa leftover food.. i slept at 3am~ =/

n ohhhh try mr baker's bake shop! i love the tarts n i tried the pandan roll cake.. it was nice =) quite different from what ive seen in most bakeries la.. n oh.. its been a looong time i haven been to Lof bakery.. n now they sell bamboo charcoal bread! long last my mom was able to taste them~ =) normal la.. just tat its healthy bread.. it says to sorta prevent cancer in some sort~ well have a look over at thir main branch la~ =)

uhm uhm... ok confirm i am leaving brunei for glasgow,scotland on 2nd sept!! arnd 25 days more in brunei! hmm.. what i hafta do is.... purchase ticket! then finish my business with ubd!such as doin the clearance form, settling those deposits stuff... n wat else... i need grocery shopping i guess =) then then... i seriously have nooo idea wat else to do... =/

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