Thursday, August 20, 2009


ystrdy!! celebrated my advanced bday! with 4 lovely girls~ haha ah wells.. woke up alil late that morning n picked shan up at arnd 9.30 then chee.. went to ubd... but the person we wanted to find wasnt there then off we go to hrd to get our letters... then off agn to aewon~~ whhheeee~ our bajuuu XD then then off to check some gadgets n lunch at netzone.. not bad la.. cheap wa.. XD then went to jaya hypermart for some aircon.. cuz my car ksian wa.. hot! n to airport to fetch mas there.. n rushed to watch 'district 9'..siew chee joined us shortly after...

the movie was nice for me.. just that its grosssss! butbut... for me interesting..mas cried during the ending plang.. sad sad~ =( then we jln abit arnd the mall... n i upsetted mas~ sorry agn! =/ n oh went to pines for dinner~

ta-daaah! there we were~ n oh bibimbap is also our character XD we had 2 n azri had one.. yea azri came later~ ah wells~

us girls n siew cheeeeee b careful of ur haaands~ XD

sang bday song.. made a wish... blew the candle... n er.. use spoon to eaaat! got those cakes for 3.90 each from er... funbread cafe! it looks niiice but the taste.. was... jus.... o-kaay..~ as in.. not too good..lucky we didnt buy the whole cake itselffff~ =)

group hug! hahahhaa squashed!! XD

random pics.. n err... pic of me tryin to open that wrapping n gave up n passed to azrii~ n oh.. the cakes were oreo cheese, choc fudge o sumthin, n apple crumble...~ n most of us agreed that the choc was nice.. but its not too was average~ =/

before we left, a grp pic of us girls...~ n er azri paying~ XD hahaha lanja us girls... thank youuuuuuu =)))

another pic..this time azri in.. hehe thanx to the dude who helped us take pics.. XD n err i no likey when the other waiters were lookin at us taking pics..XD hehe then we went to the mall n began walking n shopped arnd.. then yen chee's parents called to ask us balik cuz heard there was this explosion in yayasan o sumthin.. rupanya.. it was a fire drill o watever it is la.. haaah shocked us... mcam ada terrorist in brunei.. that thought... well.. scares us i guess...

in the end... i got myself a bag...!! from summit~ thanks girrrrrrrrlsssss!! hahaha n owhh i have a new phone..! not exactly new.. but 2nd hand phone! another gift! n another erm.. not coat but sumthin sumthing from itop! haha when i use it... i guess i looked cute in it..XDDDD hahahha thank youuu sooo muchie for the giftttts! =D haven reach my real bdate n already celebrating it.. haha..~ =)

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