Sunday, August 2, 2009

b careful?

.... ystrdy nyt was err.. msn, someone just left an offline msg starting with this-> ':p' then saying 'nyaman'~ n my pm tat time was 'ah nyaaamaaan' cuz i cooked someone n it tasted good la... n so i tot i knew this person..then i asked who this.. n this person majal laaa! kept saying 'nyaman'~ then i asked in japanese in annoy it.. n it backfired in a way... n that person kept replying 'mmmm' and another longer 'mmmm' then then....i knew something was wrong already... then that person said something like' kna ani basah' something something la.. i forgot owedi since i terus close the chat box without lookin thru it agn... before that i went to block that email n report abuse..=p gah! first time thru msn like tat... normally its spam.. n those are harmles... well this is harmless too.. but was not in the mood to 'attack' hahaa =/ so ppl be careful when chatting yea..? XD

ystrdy nyt, i was bored somehow.. or rather 'frust' cuz i kept losing in fb poker.. arrrggghhhh~ hahah so to release stress, went to change into yukata n asked dad to take some pics.. hahaha i duno ah... some i like.. i guess the really no semangat face is written on my face somehow.. ah wells.. had fun in a way~ =p gahh... i feel like dressing up n roam somewhere~ XD


Hiro said...

Cooked sumone? O.O dear u mean cook something..xD

-LcK- said...

HAHAHAHAHA yesssh its sumthin instead of someone!!!!! hahahahahaa gosssssh!!!!! =ppp thanx for telling me tat!!! XD *shyshy*