Friday, August 14, 2009

dim suuuuuum!

ahh the pics when me, my sis n my uncle (for short.. we call him'qq') had dinner in the dim sum restaurant on monday night... n our main dish for that night was... beijing duck/peking ngap! =D

n it's actually two dishes! we were sakai when the first dish came.. terus qq said... where's my duck??? XD all of us bangang.. then the waitress further explained that it's one of the two dishes la... first they serve us that crispy duck skin with spring onion with cucumber wrapped with popia skin with a black pepper dip =D yuuuuumy! n finally the duck's meat!! we requested for black pepper flavour.. but its not too bad.. just u hafta eat with rice since its a lil salty.. its sorta crunchy too! its nice... =)

there! how it looks like... that popia appetizer of some sort.. =D btw it costs 24bucks for half duck.. =) though it seems little but it's filling!

ahh the jellyfish thinga thing~ costs 8bucks...! alil costly but its good =) nice la

our prawn dumpling in soup... =D yummy too! the soup was nice n the dumpling was good =)

the sorta costly siew mai costs arnd 3bucks.. n its just normal.. n the kiwi drink.. it was good! =D n owh i didnt take pics of the har kaw or the egg tart cuz we were hungry n not bad agn! but 3bucks each... =/ for ur information, the egg tart was smaaaall n there's only 3 of them =( but nevertheless nice bite size =) qq was saying.. ahh i miss grand palace dim sum!! XD but its not halal plang.... in dim sum restaurant, we could at least bring our malay frens over to enjoy =D

what sis? u wana poke? =p with ur uhmm..invincible fast fingers? =ppp

my adorable qq! hahahaa with him..there's always lots of laughter n sarcasm n etc etc =D im gona miss u when im over at uk~ =(

n err...its meeeeee...lookin fat-ish hahha...was finishing the appetizer cuz it was good! open up my appetite =D hehe overall.. dim sum restaurant... for my second time.. it was good~ just that the price is alil hmmm.. high..but it's all good =)

owh...the first time i had it... it was during this post =p gah brings back the memories =D

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