Saturday, August 1, 2009


*out of laziness* hahaha i know right... wear this in brunei at home n take vain pics..duno ahh very the wuliao... n duwan to do anythin so take pics.. lama no take self pics ehh~ so once in a while okla.. hmm.. ystrdy went to tutong beach with liang n chee to meet some glasgow peeps.. overall okla.. met ang ang's thai fren n gila... had fun talking plang..=p hmm food was just alright n i think wani's cheesecake was the most satisfying food for the day~ XD then second, sausage, then thrid, watermelon(cuz refreshing ma.. surprised not many wana eat), then mee goreng.. XD oh went to tutong dq with kah wee to order some ice crema to cool us down... n yea.. i got myself tanned aliL! n more pimples now... -_- raaaaaawrrrrr ah wells..once in a while ba hor.. plus when go glasgow no more beach like tat... or the salty wind or the stray skinny dogs roamin arnd which we called it 'chee huat', 'ang ang'.. haha (different names but its the same person.. i think we teased him the most! =P) *eh last nyt clubbing in miri ada 'lost' anything o have u found ur 'chicken' owedi? =p* hahaha ah wells... darn mys is... she got me started with barn buddies at fb.. n now i think.. im here playin it.. =p raawrrrrrrr

gaaah n here i am sooo free hanging arnd.. n i still haven type one government letter, then then sort my files out in the lappie o burn those files frm my full hd to a dvd... -__- later kna complain by sis agn.. hmm.. i nid to get it done...but...uhhhh....c-a-n-t m-o-v-e~ -_- i cant imagine how im gona survive in glasgow since im owedi this lazy atm.. when im there..i think im gona like hibernate..ZzzzZzzzZzzzzZ *stop complaining lck.. just do ur thing..procrastinating even in the holidays ahhhhhhhhhh* -__- sobs..cant help it... XD

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