Thursday, August 13, 2009


omigossssssh!!! super tired!!!!! with looootsa pics!!!!of kendooooooooo!!!! @_@ hmm lemme see.... my schedule for the past few days..

monday- afternoon up bandar...lootsa drama on the way.. such as moe mistakenly called me for interview n i had to call ppl up n went to hep to settle things out... -_- abish crediiiit hahaha! then went for the mini meeting abt the jap army to come for kendo on tuesday.. after that went out with sis n uncle n had dinner in dim sum restaurant n jln jln buy groceries n stationaries~ =) n tats one tiring night somehow! =D

tuesday- early morning..6.15am from sis place to shahbandar.. went through all the hills!(i presume...according to the map that is! but there's an extra trail la but i didnt take...) ah wells.. 1hr 45min~ =) it was nice but alil slow cuz it was a lil slippery! =D then took a shower there n rushed to ubd to settle the clearance form..which was supposed to b a short task but ended up draaaaaaaaging too much time tat we done those just exactly by 4pm! wheee... oh btw had yakisoba in excapade for lunch n it was super duper salty n sweet! (thanx shan for ur 'soup' to save meeeee!!) then arnd 4something i was at multi purpose hall lookin at bjfa members sorting stuffs out to get ready for the jap army ppl to come by... finished by quite late at nyt... reached back sis place arnd 11.30pm? no dinner... but still ok..had soya bean before i sleep =)

wednesday- woke up late ...went ubd... went for brunch... went to mall to look for gifts... then went for bjfa where there were presentations shown by the different 'heads' =) but i didnt get to eat the sushi! haha ah wells... nvmla.. then evening til late night.. agn a kendo night with david sensei sharing his knowledge to the fellow kendokas... n zoomed back hommmmeeeee! n ohhh! thanx david sensei for the souvenir! made my day! =) hehe n well.. happy la also for 'him' =) at least a match with sensei! =p

thursday- arnd 9 went to seria to purchase the tix from brunei to london to glasgow with mom... chee was there owedi with her parents.. n ahhh! finallly bought the tickets! did ubd clearance! now waiting for letter from glasgow uni to comfirm in our final amt of fees~ gaaah..wat else wat else... PACKING!!! =DDD

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