Monday, August 31, 2009

im a bear!

more pics on fb...

gahh... i know.. noooo updates agn... in awhile... just agn... i am absolutely tired in taking the memory card out! XD hahaha the pic above were stolen frm sis sooo rajin upload it.. haiya.. thanks! n the pic.. was on saturday night which i thought it was just a birthday party for someone... but suddenly there was a cake for me too! n my er... sorta crazy gift... a furry furry jacket! haaaah! abis kna buli by those ppl... the guys love pulling my 'ears' whereas girls.. went mad 'stroking' my fur!!!! gila abis kna harrassed n molested! rawr! hahaha dad joked that i shouldnt go out in that cuz i myt kna shot by ppl...*hunting for animals wa* .. but i think.. i look sorta a me-tou-u bear! the colour kali! XD

on sunday free hash... uncle kc gave a farewell speech to me n i had to down down a can of tiger in frnt of other hashers! haha apparently... i didnt finish drinkin it in one go cuz the uncle kept making me laugh XD n awww thank you hashers... i mean.. i didnt think it would be u ppl n my sis's frens to greet me farewell... it meant alot to me la... *teary* hahahha

then just now.. went to miri for awhile to walk arnd.. surprisingly.. i didnt buy anyyyything except for some medicine...! wow wow wowww!!! almost wanted to get this pants.. but... let say.. i have 'ass'.. so the pants seemed tight arnd my ass area -_- rawr! nvm.. save money n save weight n space XD hahaha overall not bad outing.. n just now.. i went to type some letters after how maaaany months of delay *finally* but.... it was just not too good.... cuz malay no good.. so i got stucked many many times for a looong time... hah n im sleepy atm.. n still wana blog...

guesss i wana update before i go... cuz i dun think i have a chance in updating in awhile when i fly to glasgow...2 more freaking days!!! i am flying on wednesday!!! waaaaaaddaaaaaheeecccckk~~~ sooo soon! -_- i duno ah i duno ahhh *mumbles incoherently*

okok..time to sleeeeeep la..better tat way...zzzzzz

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