Sunday, August 30, 2009

farewell to myself

gaaaahhhh beeeeen really tired.. n malas to update abt anythin! cuz the pics are not in this laptop atm... n im lazy to transfer the pics la.. hahahha but yeaa.been bz... yesterday night went out with family n uncle n sungkai-ed at orchid garden hotel... n it was alright... first time sungkai soo beramai like thissss! yaay! a farewell dinner of some sorts...

then this morning i donated blood.. the rest of the day.. i was reaaal tired! gahh

n now.. sis n bro's frens over... party-ing~ i tot normal party when suddenly there was a cake for meeee... a farewell partyyy n also a fren od theirs..bday.. thank you ppl~ i will upload pics soon la..=p ehhehe now still karaoke-ing n playing games.. gahh a long night ahead indeeed~~

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