Sunday, August 23, 2009

on the 22nd i turned 22!

yeeep its my day! n i woke up.. ermm.. alil late n signed into fb.. n in barn buddy... i saw cakeee!! there's cake awaiting for me there! haha

then frens greeted me there... thaaanks alooooot ppl~ meant a whole loot to me!

then then... my bday present from my uncle... a cake from mr baker's bake shop!!! hehe checking the cake out.. n felt speechless... n then advertising it looking unwillingly.. XD my first cake from there.. n its freaking heavy! thanx qq~

posing with my cakeeeeeee!!!!! hahahaa i really what to say.. but happy...! but sad abit... cuz wanted to cut tat afternoon.. cuz i know at night.. it wud b whole family was at home... but gah.. they say nvm wa... n i took out my cake owedi.. ah wells... took pics with the cake sjaa... then place it back into the fridge

hahaha i looked like im part of an ornament of the cake~ XD cake genie? =p n oh i couldnt wait.. tat i curi curi makan part of the choc... n it was goood! =p.. n i posed with my erm.. 'edible card'~ =) btw.. that cake is called 'death by chocolate' =DDD later then i tell u how it tastes like~

after taking pics n trying to pack my luggage(only clothes... -_- not yet the others..) it was time to go to the hash site... it was company hash.. n

signing in before entering the forest~

some of the ppl for the event... yea... azri was askin wats my plan for today.. i said im gona go labi for company hash.. n the way he say is spending my bday in the forest??? @_@ dun mkae me feel sad la.. its okla.. i guess.. tho not spending with my other frens... =/

some of the people before going in~

its meee... i am still very much alive! haha the trail not that tough la.. its a trail speciallly for newbies.. n i am alright! i just have to act as 'shipper'.. its sorta like a person taking care of ppl at the last of the trail.. it was alright... =) experience i guess...

resting outside the trail waiting for some ppl still inside... most of them were worried...cuz one of them is a malay n he was puasa-ing... n haven been eating n still went in for the trail... =/ but salute him ehh! btw the trail was short... arnd 40-60min? more or less la..

yaaay! a grp pic after alll coming out from the forest! =D

my dinner..! it was goood! got rice, veggies n i loveee the noodle, sambal fish, chicken n tofuuu!!! its just toooo good!yuum yuuum.. then sis came later.. n here we show our faces erm.. busy eating XD

then nancy celebrate the opening of the campfire by burning her nike shoes... on the spot! its ermm.. not too rosak.. but i guess.. she just wana burn it... hoooga hooogaaaa!

burning a box agn.. most of us... were witnessing the beauty of fireeeee raawr =D after hanging out in the forest.. went back home to shower n off we went to togashii's place to have some more food n alcohol... owh japanese beef curry!!! yuuuuums!! i miss udon currrrry =((( n oh alcohol.... there's one togashirecommended.. drink for girls... n ohh its soooo yummy!! there's two.. one yuzu n ume liquer~ XD n it was almost 12.. n i got kinda.. well... impatient.. of some sorts.. cuz my bday is gona b over... n i still haven cut my cake!! n i was like.. marah dad alil.. then he terus bring me back home.. along with some auntiess...

a family pic with my lovely cake~

then.. pic with some aunties uncle n sis's frenss~~ tho im alright with it.. but weird.. cuz im not celebrating with my frens... =/ n ohh i cake my cake i think 15min after 12~ hahaha n sis said.. woow party after 12? =p but i guess its alright for them to come over n sorta celebrate with me... hehe n then dad's colleagues came over n i served them cakes n had a brief karaoke session n socialising time.. i guess this is the most 'different' of bday celebration i have in my entire life... thank you =)

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