Saturday, June 2, 2007

friday, 01.06.07

ahhh today... just want to greet happy gawai festival to all those who celebrate gawai!!!! it's also the time to drink lots lots lots of tuak!! wahahaaha enjoy!!!

then today... have plans to go out with razan... but due to some circumstances.. changed the plan to swim in llrc!!! yaay!!!... then went to razan's place around noon... whoaa... ate a huge mango there.. few slices of jacker... ate all 6 mini custards that we made previously... sigh... wanilina dropped by for awhile to chit chat and 'help' razan with her interview questions..~ hahaha ksian razan la~ then they hafta go to tuition ppl so me and razan went to have lunch together.. but darn fresh air cafe closed laa!! soo end up in pizza hut!! wanted to order pizza..but they dun have regular italian classics waa.. only large..!! soo ordered few side dishes and was really really full!!! btw razan lanja!!! thank you sooo much for the yummy lunch!!! hehehehe
pizza hut!! but... try to notice.... the second picture has a spelling mistake!! wahhaha we noticed!!

pose pose~~~ then eat chicken wings!!!!! yuuum!

bbq flavoured chicken wings..... chef salad.....baked macaroni..... yuuuuuuuuum!!!!

razan drinking from a very very very filled up glass!!!! and eating time!!!

after we ate... heavy rain outside!!! so went to soon lee for awhile.. n still d darn rain haven stop!! so terpaksa to run out to the car la.. i was totally soaked!! but syok the feeling!!! me and razan wanted to play under the rain though.. but hmmm... next time saja~~ hahahaa then went to wanilina's place... but it was still rainin!!! meaning.. we can't go for a swim!!! sob sob.. how i miss playing cara-cara in the water!!! hahahaa.. soo we ended up staying there til 6something... played some games.. watched the apprentice... listen to razan playing the keyboard.. hang out at the lil gym... hmm that's about it today!!! huhuhuu

playing mini cluedo and mini stacko's'!! but we don't follow any rules~~~ huhu~~~

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