Wednesday, June 13, 2007

wednesday, 13.06.07


wahahahaha well today is one of my best evening!!! huhuu.... started off going to sharon's place.. havent seen her for months! huhuu.. then we were gila 'ing' in her room.... with me frequently swinging my long skirt here and there~ and giving those sarcastic laughter~~~~ driving sharon crazy!!.. then forced sharon to wear skirt with me so that we have the beach 'aura/feel'~~ huhuhu then went to ideal, ogdc first to hang out... cuz its still too early to go to the beach!! there were lotsa ppl there.. for this ogdc camp!... nice~~~~

then after walking here and there and playing with the swing...~ finally to the beach!!! and darn i didnt have my camera with me... or even my hp!! so i couldnt capture any pics!! it was TORTURE!!!! there was sooo many nice views and things to shoot!!... and it was low tide...~ first we went to rendam our feet in the water... then we went to collect shells~~ then walked along the shore..... it felt soo good..~~ the wind and scenery and talking~~~ hahah sooo relaxing~~~ and we with our skirts!!! there was this moment i tried to run while holding my long skirt up with again.. my sarcastic laugh~~ huhuhu nobody was around so am not embarrased~~~ good!!! after around an hour there... we went to ogdc to wash our feet since the water sharon brought wasnt enough to wash our feet~~~ we were walking very d bangkang~~~~ huhu... after that went to seria plaza and walked around... then went to wywy and ate roti pisang!!! its good but a lil too oily tho!! wahhahahaa.... by the time i send her back it was already 8..... luckily my parents havent come back from hash yet.. so skipped the marah'ing' session~~~ huhuhu

so yeaahh... i feel that blogging with no pictures are... soo not me!!!! goshhhhh... hmmm lemme post some random pics i have!! waahhaa... ~~

ahh my bday pressie from lysa~~~ ahhahaa from here.. i wana send all ma kisses to ya all!!!!!!! mwaaaks!!!! huhuhu

this one.... virtual villagers.... my sis had to get most of the women pregnant and have to tcare of lots of babies!!!!! goshhh..

i dont feel like using any of these dvds to burn anythin...~~~ they are too pwetty to be burned!!! wahhahaa

ahhh snapple...~~~ shirley intro this drink to me... hahaahha its good~ but some too sweet in a way hahaha

ohhh this... a bday pic specially for me!!! haha that was a few years back... but still me labbie it!! huhu

hmm bored ol me... trying out bajus with wanilina... and no.. i didn get them... cuz... not really me~~ huhuhu and ohh.. no boobies!! @_@ gosh.. i look flat.. waahhahaa

errrr this is just being me!!! at home!!!! wahahahahaha one embarrasing photo!!! but ah wells... entertain ya ppl~~~~ LOL!

baaa enough pics for now~~~~ huhuhu ^_^

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