Friday, June 22, 2007

thursday, 21.06.07

okaaii!! i tried standing the eggs again n i succeeded!! haha well... heard experts say-> everyday also can stand eggs but specially on that day eggs are easier to stand than any other day...~~ haha maybe it makes sense?? ^_^ *blur* ah wellz... the pic above is sooo cute (taken from a chinese newsppr) its like a chinese style easter!! only thing they dun colour the eggs but write stuffs on it instead!! huhu

today went to lepak with sharon to a get a belated pressie for alicia!! (sorry alicia! for buying ur pressie late!! ^_^) and i woke up late so went to wywy to have brunch~~ and the macaroni i ordered (above) wasnt worth $5!! wahhahaa maybe i dun like those big onions laaa~~~ sighh... but its oklaaar...~~ then had the energy to jalan around seria plaza~~ huhuu... it was a difficult lepak'ing' for both of us since we are both INDECISIVE!!! lol~~ so was going here and there randomly when she said lets go ogdc and i was like lets feed the fishes!! ^_^ so specially went to the shop and get fish food... cuz sometimes fish food in ogdc out of stock wa~~

and well... spent some time feeding the fishes~~ luckily it wasnt that hot~~ nice!!! and yeaa... the black fishes are sooo competitive!! they rushed to eat the food... and they even bullied the turtle!! they were behing this turtle and bit its tail!! jahat~~ =P

after finished feeding... went to play with the swings!! and since i couldnt play much with the 'baby' swing.. had to play with the other swing which is across sharon~~ somehow after playing... we felt hotter~~ so we went to the front of ogdc.. and goshhh sooo windy!!! it was soo nice... so spent some silent times there!! ".

somehow sharon has sharp eyes and saw theo, roy, jasmine they ol!!! hahaha such a looong time haven seen theo!!! they just came back from temburong la... huhu... took pics with them~~~

roy taking his own pic~~ X-D!

after ogdc went back seria plaza to get some drinks... and met shaf... then went jalan jalan together gether... at least able to spend some time doing something!! then she had to go... as for us... went back sharon's place and watched tomb raider 2 and able to get some anime from her wahhaha!! HAPPY!!!... have something to watch again~~ thanx!

well... though i shouldnt show the pics above to the public but... its just sooo syg not to!!! its actually the pressie for alicia!! look how cute it is???? wahhahaa... just couldnt resist the cuteness of it!!! so pressie exposed liaw!!! (dun marah yeah alicia??) ahh.. speaking of piggie... i gave a small black piggie to alicia for last xmas!! wonder if she still has it?? ^_^ i wish i have a piggie too~~ wahhaha... *hint hint* bleeehhh~~ hmm i think alicia is back in brunei by now...?

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