Friday, June 1, 2007

wednesday, 30.05.07

on wednesday... since my parents have plans to go to hash... i decided to go out too!! but my friend was in miri so i'm alone...but still wanted to go..cuz sooo bored at home doing nothing again!! soo took my dad's camera... and went to ogdc and snap pics!! eeee feel soo weird but as a photographer i shouldn't feel weird! so yeah.. was walking around ogdc... and it was really refreshing~~ i keep looking at the greeneries and the sky...~ life is beautiful indeed~~ eeee huhuhu.. well enjoy the following pics that i took.. all of them original shoots(no alteration)...!!! (trying to brag..X-P) hahahaha.. babaaa...~~

two of the unique things in ogdc... one antique light post..(it does look old~~ wahhaa) n the to enable the rain to flow down to the longkang properly...~~

1st pic- pathway to jog, 2nd pic- a stolen shot of d boy looking at me taking pics.. wonder if he knew i took his pic?? wahaha, 3rd pic- hmmm love the trees there... syg that day the sky not that nice... (not much clouds~)
1st pic- the only flower that i consider pretty and healthy!( i think c.o.o.l. is the best place to take pics of flowers and plant...~ seriously..!) 2nd pic- ppl playing beachball there.. when i was taking pic there... they were shouting..'ambil gambar! ambil gambar!!!'... hahaa they wanted me to take their pics more.. but i duno why.. i felt shy!! whahaa i'm still practising to be more confident waa~~.. 3rd pic- when i walking towards the billionth barrel monument... these 2 askars just came out!... shcked me! huhu...this is a stolen shot~~
left hand side- 1st pic- the road leading to ogdc main building... =), 2nd pic- seria plaza and other building~~ that's the tallest building you can find in seria town!!, 3rd pic- hmm just wanted to take pic of the clouds...~
right hand side - 1st pic- ngam ngam got ppl and their family came back from fishing...~, 2nd pic- ppl rajin jogging at the beach side.. haha its more like a pic to motivate ppl? i was actually hoping to take a pic of sunset.. but because the sun was soo bright and the sky not warna-warni... sooo unsuccessful~~ hopefully this is good enough?, 3rd pic- if you notice properly.. its a rainbow!! huhu

after taking more than a hundred pics.... i end my photo shoot evening by taking a pic of myself with D-70!! hahaha.... i swear i will find a better day with better looking sky and take more pics!!! wahahahaha please.. free feel to drop comments bout my pics... thanx!!



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