Sunday, June 10, 2007

thursday, 07.06.07

ahhh today companied wani down to smsa to pick leena up... and saaaw shirley n eileen!!! i missed them!! hahaha its been a loong time that i havent see them in tudong ...again! wahahaha chat with her for a lil while but ksian wani that she had to round the parking area 4 times! huhu... then went to ayamku and had snack there... but no electricity there.. so it was abit hot and i wanted mashed potato oso nada!!! she replied.. nada current... -_-* sasatzzz... then went jalan jalan at soon lee then to milimewah to find for clothes to let leena change... but after finding here and there.. she ended up malas to buy cuz she malas to change.. wahhaaa... then around noon. we wanted to find razan out for lunch so msged and called her but no replies or picking up her calls... -_-" so had to go over to petrokon to find her.. but we didn't dare to go up find her so we waited downstairs like blur blur ppl... then we finally had the courage to go up to find for her!! but still nada ppl.... luckily mark yun was there... asked him to find razan la.. he gave me a long answer-> suuuuuuuuure! macam so reluctant la huhu.. then i saw my cuzzie!!! goshh he gained weight liaww... couldn't get to chat with him much... he had to go back home.... sighh....

posing again while waiting for razan~~~ then went for lunch with her and her colleagues in the chicken rice restaurant...

frust look!! the only girl eating!!! huhuu we ate already waa so we just drink sja~

after lunch we went jalan jalan for awhile in kb town then to taman jubilee and hang out!! chit chat and talked about the top ten in the world and this and that....~~ cuz in the borneo times got charlene's pic big big waa... and ksian quek... in the newspaper they used 'she' instead of 'he' waa... huhu...enjoyed the wind there~~
the atmosphere that day was nice... we really enjoyed our time there... relaxing!!

leena-> busy playing games with her phone... wani-> reading newspaper... me-> taking pics and enjoying the cream puff! huhu.. before going back take pics again~~

then again we met up in the evening to go llrc and swim!!! ate a little in wanilina's place then off we go!! but sayang leena didnt want to swim... so she had her darling to company her... then razan came a lil later and we had fun!! there was this plastic ball and we used it for floating and all those.. huhu

before swimming and after swimming~~~

had to go before it gets dark.... sighh... i wished that we could stay a lil longer tho....~~~ ^_^

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