Tuesday, June 19, 2007

tuesday, 19.06.07

today is miss alicia wan wen jing's birthday!!!!!!! happy birthday to u, alicia oh my auntie auntie alicia!!!!! whahahahahaa~~~ please excuse my buruk handwriting on ur pwetty pic!! huhu i know you love me right??? hehee

today is also dumpling day!!! well not exactly called dumpling day but to make it easier we call it in english the dumpling day!!! it's the day when ppl go to the beach and have fun!!! well legend says that there was this famous chnese guy was framed and was thrown into the sea... then the people throw dumplings into the sea to prevent the fishes from feeding on his corpse... something like that la... heard it from my papa~~ huhu.. but i dun think there are people throwing dumplings into the sea anymore~~ they rather eat them!!! whahahahaa
another special thing today is that heard today's magnetic field is the strongest or something that you can stand the eggs on the ground only at noon~~

around noon... tried to stand two eggs... and succeeded!!!

tried to stand the third egg but wasnt successful tho~~ huhu... and i tried standing the egg at around 4pm and it still worked!!! sighh... duno whether to believe the magnetic field theory or not~~ huhuhu

ate dumpling!! (non-halal) forgot to take d pic before eating it... cuz was too hungry!

hanged out with anna and razan in the evening!!! went to ideal and tapau from there and ate at the beach!! whahahaaha parked at ogdc and we walked to the beach and it was my first time eating there and it was nice~~ but couldnt see the sunset cuz kena blocked by the clouds~~ by the time we abis makan.... ppl were leaving.. so couldnt cuci mata~~ but still had time to soak our feet for awhile before it was really dark!!

trying to take our pic eventhough its dark~~

on the way back.. we couldnt see very well and goshhh our first time walking the dark!!! haiyaaa we had soo many first time's' today!! wahahaha we then went to ogdc again and lepak lepak there then finally balik!!! my parents didnt rush me home cuz they went to celebrate dumpling's day in hash!! yaaay!! so can balik abit later~~~

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